Temporary Sites (2017 – ongoing)

Public commission in Newburgh, NY, with support from the Newburgh Community Land Bank. Curated by Diana Mangaser

Reposning to the city’s history of growth and abandonment, we suggest Derrida’s concept of the biodegradable as a new landscape typology: not a return to dust but the ability to be re-absorbed and re-formatted. The installation uses salvaged materials and a monoculture of yellow-blooming mustard to reanimate the footprints of demolished structures as a seasonal icon. In the near future, this planting bed will be used by a community garden, and eventually the sites will be transferred by the land bank to new owners. "Temporary Sites" is not landscape architecture with fixed conditions: instead, it digests and reconstructs an erased architecture which in turn anticipate its own purposes lost and re-imagined.

Additional Support from Atlas Industries and Millie Roy.